Meet our other clinicians

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Fiona Lian – Psychologist

Fiona is a registered psychologist with Post Graduate qualification in Counselling Psychology. She is also a qualified Family Therapist.

19 years of counselling experience in counselling children, youth, couples and families in various schools and communities.

Fiona uses evidence-based strategies for children and adolescents experiencing a range of issues:

. Anxiety, depression and stress management
. Body self-image issues, eating disorders
. Addictions, drug/alcohol issues
. Family relationship conflict
. School bullying
. Trauma and abuse
. Phobias
. Learning disabilities namely ADHD, Asperger Syndrome
. Grief and Loss


Jacqui Snooks – Registered     Clinical Counsellor

Jacqui is a Clinical Counsellor and registered with the Australian Counselling Association.
She is also a qualified Secondary Teacher with several years of teaching experience.
She provides a confidential counselling service that supports people to develop a better understanding of themselves and others to address life’s difficulties and assist in making changes.
She has a client-centered approach to therapy aiming to provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to meet client’s needs for discussing and processing their thoughts and emotions.  She treats a range of issues including:

. anxiety
. anger management
. depression
. stress management
. post-traumatic stress disorder
. work life balance
. addictions
. relationship issues
. conflict & communication issues
. grief and loss

Jacqui Snooks