Before the Appointment

  • Tell your child about the appointment before you attend and explain the reason for the visit.

  • For very young children, tell them before you arrive and let them know what is going to happen.

  • Inform adolescents at the time that you are making the appointment and encourage them to talk about their thoughts.

  • Parents should be making the decision for their child to have therapy. The commitment to bring their child to sessions is paramount for success. Children sometimes dislike seeing a GP or a dentist, however for their physical health they still need to go. Psychological health is the same.

  • If needed at first, find age appropriate rewards or incentives to assist your child to attend sessions with Jason. Jason can help you with this. Your child must see the sessions as helping them and providing them with a safe outlet to deal with their thoughts and feelings.

  • Developing rapport and engaging with any person takes time. Be patient during this time.

  • Answer any questions honestly in words your child can understand.

  • Reassure that lots of children/adolescents see child/adolescent Psychologists.

  • Bringing an object can increase your child’s sense of safety and security. Try a favourite toy, book or snack. Please don’t bring electronic games or devices.

  • No one else needs to know they are seeing a Child Psychologist unless they choose to let them know.
  • What can we do to help?
    Parents can help their child at home by reinforcing the strategies and skills developed in sessions. Ask your psychologist how you can help at home.
  • What if I need help?
    Our psychologists frequently work with parents who have their own referral. Working with whole families is beneficial.